Lasik Technology

Lasik Technology at Aalayam Lasik Laser


WaveLight Oculyzer II Diagnostic Device

The WaveLight® Oculyzer™ II,diagnostic device is based on the proven Pentacam HR technology, providing non-contact measurement and analysis of the complete anterior eye segment. Measurements are performed from the anterior surface of the cornea to the back of the lens. The most advanced diagnostic equipment available for LASIK screening.

Used For Customized and Topography-Guided Treatments

The successful treatment of vision disorders requires accurate diagnosis. The WaveLight® oculyzer is an ideal diagnostic device to support the decision-making process for personalized patient treatment paths. It measures the complete optics of the eye and calculates the individual wavefront aberrations. Therefore it greatly enhances the range of possible treatments


We use the Allegretto Wavelight Alcon EX 5ooHz, the world’s most advanced and fastest Lasik machine capable of analyzing multiple parameters and providing you with the best vision correction

WaveLight®’s latest excimer laser system is a further development of the proven ALLEGRETTO WAVE® excimer laser technology, integrating many new functions for fast, safe and reliable refractive laser treatments. PerfectPulse Technology ensures high precision and safety for optimized treatment results.

  • The 500 Hz WaveLight® EX500 excimer laser is the world’s fastest excimer laser today. Increased efficiency through the WaveLight® algorithm and the faster laser head results in less stromal dehydration of the cornea during treatment, reduced sensitivity to patient movements, a more comfortable procedure for the patient, and optimized results.
  • Enhanced beam path technology.
  • Multidimensional 1050 Hz-type eye tracker, synchronized at 500 Hz,with 2 milliseconds latency time.
  • OLCR interferometer-based pachymeter to measure and monitor corneal thickness before, during, and after the ablation.
  • Pachymetry and treatment data are documented via an automated log file storage system for enhanced patient record management.
  • Advanced operation microscope consisting of heads-up display and step-less electronic zoom function depicting: patient information, eye tracker data, pachymeter signal quality, and laser status messages.
  • A high-resolution, light-adjusted video camera provides options for both documentation and observation through a galvanic isolated feed.
  • WaveNet Computer Network connects all WaveLight systems including the WaveLight® EX500 excimer laser and the full range of surgical diagnostics for a seamless transfer of all patient data as well as treatment and diagnostic parameters.

With years of experiences and excellent technology, we have been successful in carrying out Refractive Surgery treatment for shortsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

The new Wavefront Technology (using the Wave Light Allegretto Excimer laser Machine) allows us to treat a range of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

A well-experienced Refractive Surgery team, combined with state-of-the-art Technology and our quality Protocols ensures you an unmatched edge over other centers.

Versatile Range of Treatments: The extent to which an eye can be corrected is determined by our refractive Surgeon after pre-procedure evaluation.


  • Greater machine speed – Enables faster treatment time leading to a quicker process (which means the shortest treatment time, lesser strain, better comfort and the least chance of error)
  • Faster visual recovery results in better visual outcome
  • Better quality of vision.
  • Fastest Eye Tracker ensures that laser treatment is perfect even if involuntary eye movements occur making treatment extremely safe.

What is Wavefront technology/ OPTILASIK ?

Your eye and vision is like a fingerprint – truly distinctive and personal. It is distinctive because light is scattered unevenly to form a pattern that is unique to your eye and because your cornea has a unique shape. Wavefront assessment involves an extra diagnostic screening process extensive enough to let the surgeon see every individual patient’s unique optical characteristics.

Wavefront software combines data from two different types of diagnostic equipment, then programs the laser with your unique treatment, based on this data. Wavefront provides the most technologically advanced measurement of scattered light errors (defects) known as high order “aberrations” in the eye. Wavefront technology is based on the principle that if an eye had no imperfections at all, light passing through it would not scatter. But, because no eye is perfect, light scatters to form distinct patterns, called a wavefront. Wavefront technology measures your personal/individual patterns and thus allows the surgeon to plan a treatment that exactly matches individual vision errors.

WaveLight® LASIK offers a custom solution for surgeons and patients. Powered by the advanced WaveLight® EX500 ,onlyWaveLight® LASIK provides multiple custom treatment options and the widest approved range for wavefront-based treatment.

> Wavefront-Guided LASIK is designed to provide personalized treatment, with a reduction of higher-order aberrations.

  • While effective at reducing higher-order aberrations, this option requires a much more time-consuming treatment process of testing, measuring, and refining to get proper wavefrontaberrometry–a process that is only truly required to correct a significant degree of higher order aberrations (occurring in less than 15% of cases)

> Wavefront Optimized® LASIK was developed to consider the unique curvature of the eye, preserving the natural, aspheric shape of the cornea, for less induced spherical aberration.

  • Ideal for up to 90% of potential LASIK patients, Wavefront Optimized® LASIK offers a fast and efficient procedure, with high patient satisfaction and throughout.
  • Allows you to treat a greater degree of high myopia—and more than double the range of hyperopia—than competing LASIK systems.
  • Provides similar visual results to Wavefront-Guided LASIK, without the unnecessary steps of gathering aberrometry data.
  • As a result, you only need to take the extra steps of Wavefront-Guided LASIK when it makes sense to do so.
  • Only offered as part of WaveLight® LASIK