Faq’s of Lasik

1. How do I know if I can undergo the procedure?

Once you have decided that you want LASIK, we will run a series of tests to evaluate your vision. In addition to a normal eye exam, a highly advanced scan will be done to create a personalized “map” of your eye. Your surgeon will then decide if LASIK is right for you.

2. Is it a very long procedure?

While it is still a surgical procedure, the entire LASIK process is fast. Start to finish, LASIK only takes a few minutes.

3. Any precautions for contact lens wearers?

You will need to stop wearing contact lenses at least a week before the procedure, as they can affect the shape of your eyes and therefore the outcome of the surgery.

4. How soon can I expect better vision?

Many people sit up right after routine LASIK surgery and notice dramatically better vision. Still, complete recovery can take time – weeks or months – and much of the responsibility will be in your hands.

5. What side effects can I expect after this procedure?

Immediately, after LASIK, you may experience a few side effects from the procedure, including watery eyes, a burning sensation, or mild discomfort. These symptoms usually pass within the first few days. If you experience any severe pain, or vision worsens, contact your doctor immediately. During your first week of recovery, your vision may seem slightly hazy or blurry—you may also be sensitive to light, or have trouble seeing at night. These symptoms usually clear as your eyes heal, but you may continue to experience slight fluctuations in your vision for upto 6 months after surgery.

6. The road to recovery.

Although we’d love to claim for your rapid recovery, most of it falls on you, and the amazing resilience of your eyes. Your eyes heal and adapt with surprising speed, but you can help the process along by closely following your surgeon’s instructions.