"Aalayam lasik laser Centre was established to provide its patients with modern Eye Care treatment and services with the highest standards of professionalism and care."

Lasik Treatment Center at Erode

Laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) involves creating a corneal flap so that midstromal tissue can be ablated directly and reshaped with an excimer laser beam. The procedure allows the ophthalmologist to surgically reshape the cornea in an attempt to obviate the need for corrective lenses

LASIK - laser vision correction combines today's most advanced surgical technologies into a procedure optimized for your ideal vision. Utilizing the advanced diagnostic technology of the Allegretto wave eye laser system, LASIK actually creates a ‘map’ of your eyes and by using your “map’ as a guide, your surgeon is better able to personalize the lasik procedure, for you to get best results

LASIK correction is designed to adapt to the unique curvature of your eye, reshaping it more closely to the curve of an ideal, natural eye. As a result, it helps preserve the quality of your vision, ensuring your eyes are at their most natural and their most useful.

They are your eyes — make sure they are at their very best.